A newly created task is automatically given all of its parent task's assignments. If you have already created a project team, all project team members will be assigned to the task automatically.
You may assign any Web TimeSheet user to the task, not just current team members. If you assign a non-team member to the task, they will be automatically added to the project team list.

To modify project/task assignments:

  • In the Project Structure section of the project's main page, click the link for the project or task to which you want to assign users.
  • Move the users or groups you want to assign to the task to the Allowed list, click to select multiple users/groups. The Allowed list displays users or groups who are allowed to enter time and expenses against the project/task. All names on this list are automatically added to your project team. You can modify what users or groups appear in the Available list by using these filters,

    • Last Name starts with: displays users whose last names match the text entered.
    • Department: displays departments and other groups (such as <Project Team> and <All Departments>) that can be assigned.
    • These filters are additive – only items that match both filter selections will display in the list.
    • Use these buttons to move items from one list to the other:

      • Allow – Moves selected items to the Allow list.
      • Deny – Moves selected items to the Deny list
      • Remove – Removes selected items from the Allow or Deny list
    • Move Allowed group members who you do NOT want assigned to the task to the Deny list.
    • Select one of the following, if desired.

      • Update sub-task assignments with the latest changes only: Applies the changes to this parent task only (not to its sub-tasks)
      • Completely replace all sub-tasks assignments: Replaces all existing sub-task assignments with the assignments you selected for this parent task
    • Click Save.
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