How can I have someone receive notifications for submitted timesheets without requiring him to approve them?

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Sometimes there will be a requirement to have the CEO or a Managing Director to track the timesheets submitted by the employees without actually requiring to approve them.

Web TimeSheet will trigger e-mail notifications based on the role a user plays. If e-mail notifications are required to be sent out informing users about submitted timesheets, then the user needs to be a part of the TimeSheet/Time Off approval path. If the user is not in the approval path, the system won't send out an email notification. After all these notifications are meant to be used as reminders for users who approve timesheets.

The only workaround would be to create a specific Approval Path and include the CEO/Managing director. This new approval path has to be assigned to all the users 'TimeSheet/Time Off' approval paths. Now when a TimeSheet is submitted, the system will trigger an e-mail to all the approvers within the approval path and would require all of them to approve the TimeSheet. In this case, the only way the timesheet can be approved, without it actually having to undergo a mandatory approval by the CEO/Managing director, would be for an administrator to approve the Timesheet directly from the Historical TimeSheet page.

Here is an example of how this scenario can be implemented:

Lets assume there is a Managing Director who would like to receive e-mail notifications whenever reporting employees submit their timesheets. However, he is not required to approve the timesheets since there is a specific administrator that approves all the TimeSheet. In order to achieve this, the following needs to be done:

  • Set Managing Director as Supervisor for all users.
  • Create a new approver type as well as a new approval path

Using the Mass edit feature to ensure that the Managing Director is the supervisor to all the employees.Now follow the steps listed below to create a new approval path:

  • Log in as an administrator into Web TimeSheet.
  • Click on Administration tab in the top menu.
  • Click on Approver Type under Approval Setup.
  • Click on Add and create a new approver type.
  • Set the role as Specified User.
  • Select the administrator from the list of users and check the Override approver's permissions box.
  • Select the necessary permissions and click on Save.
  • Click on Approval Paths under Approval Setup in the side menu.
  • Click on Add and create a customized approval path that has both the supervisor as well as the administrator.
  • Using the mass edit feature, set up the newly created Approval path for TimeSheet/Time Off.

Now whenever an employee submits their timesheet/Time Off, an e-mail will be triggered and sent to the supervisor and the administrator and both of them would be expected to approve the timesheet/time off.

To avoid the 'timesheet/time off' to be left waiting for the supervisors approval, the administrator needs to go to the Historical TimeSheet/Time Off page and approve the request directly. This will ensure that the supervisor receives the e-mail notification and still would not be required to approve the timesheet/time off since the administrator is approving the request directly from the Historical TimeSheet/Time Off page.

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