The Allocation Calendar provides a view of each resource's allocation for a specified time period. It also provides information regarding the projects assigned to a resource and the percentage of allocation for each project thereby giving the total percentage allocation for the resource.

The calendar is like a snapshot giving the allocation information, it also uses color coding so that a project leader or manager can quickly know whether the resource is under allocated, over allocated, or properly allocated.

The calendar is customizable so that a project leader or manager can get whatever information they are looking for. The list can be filtered by whether or not the resource is enabled, by booking availability, project leader, by resource name, or by groups within categories.

An ideal example would be a maintenance project. Say a team is involved in debugging a software. The manager has to allocate projects to software engineers. There may be multiple companies who want their software to be debugged and so there may be multiple projects running in the company. The allocation calendar is a great tool for the manger to know who is on which project and till what time. The color coding will help him to check if a particular resource is overloaded or under loaded. This will also help him to take new projects and set proper expectations with the clients. The calendar will also help him to find out engineers from a particular department, whether they can be booked or not and other options given in the filter section.

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