How to get rid of URL which appears on printed reports?

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The URL which appears as a part of report prints appear from the browser page set up properties.

Typically, this is controlled by going to File menu and Page Setup in the browser.

Firefox Browsers:

  • Click on File menu.
  • Click on Page Setup.
  • Click Margin & Header/Footer Tab'
  • Under Headers & Footers Section select the Drop down options to "–blank–". (Refer the attached Screenshot Mozilla)
  • Click OK.


Internet Explorer 8 Browsers:

  • 1. Click on File menu.
  • 2. Click on Page Setup.
  • 3. Under Header and Footers and Header option set the appropriate values to "–Empty–". (Refer the attached Screenshot Internet Explorer-8)


Internet Explorer 6, 7 Browsers:

  • Click on File menu.
  • Click on Page Setup.
  • Under Header and Footers and Header box Clear the contents of this box. There would be values such as – &w&bPage &p of &P (Refer the attached Screenshot Internet Explorer 6)
  • Click OK.

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