This option is driven by permission, Web TimeSheet provides the flexibility to do so because organizations do have internal activities such as Hiring, Meeting, Training etc against which they would like to track the time spent which are Non Billable to company and also not associated to any Projects. This article describes where to make changes in permission as to either allow or disallow this requirement.


  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  • Click on Administration tab.
  • Click on Permissions under the Users/Department section in the left side menu.
  • Select the permission to which you wish to make this change.
  • Expand the Timesheet section inside the permission. (Please refer to the attached screenshot)
  • One may either select from the drop option next to Allow time to be entered to either – Against Projects or <Both> or Without requiring a project to be selected suitably to turn ON or turn OFF the requirement.



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