‘Consolidated’ and ‘Detailed’ options missing in Web TimeSheet Reports.

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When we run a report with non numeric fields chosen, the Consolidated and Detailed options on the report disappear.
If we run the Project Analysis report with the fields Task Name, Project Name, Comments… (any non numeric columns), Consolidated and Detailed options disappear.

As there are no numeric columns chosen, Web TimeSheet does not understand what it needs to sum up.

Add a default numeric column to the report by clicking on Settings? button in the report.
Example: Billable hours, Billable Rate etc.

If you have created a numeric custom column (Total Hours=Billable Hours+Non Billable Hours), along with non numeric columns the Consolidated and Detailed options still don't appear. This is because one of the default columns should be a numeric column.

Additional Information:
These display options i.e. Detailed or Consolidated will be visible only if one of the radio button beside Sum under Summary Options is selected.

Steps to enable Sum in report settings:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet.
  • Click on the Reports icon at the top menu bar.
  • Select the report you would like to run.
  • In the report page, click on Settings and then click on Grouping tab.
  • Select the radio button beside Sum within Summary Options.
  • Click on Save and Run report.

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