What information is displayed in the Project Scheduling Calendar and how would this be useful to an organization using Web Resource?

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The Project Scheduling Calendar shows when each project is scheduled and its duration.

The calendar can be color coded by project type or project status. The projects displayed can be filtered by whether or not the project is enabled, by project type, by billing status, by project name, project leader, or by project status.

This calendar provides the duration for a project so this will be an ideal option when the company is planning to start a new project. For example if a Project leader has to take up a new project for "Web Designing" using the scheduling calendar he can find whether there are similar projects which are already running or ended, he can also find the people who were involved in that project and find out the days they are available so that he can add them to his project.

The calendar can display project information by status and type and different colour coding can be used for the same.

For example, if a manager wants to know how many projects are running in his company and what is the status of each project this will be the best tool. He can also use the 'Type' option to know which department the project is related to.


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