A Web TimeSheet user has created a report schedule and has included a few users in the distribution list. One of the users in the distribution list does not wish to receive the report and would like to be taken off the list. The Web TimeSheet administrator does not know the name of the user who has created the report schedule.

To know the name of the user who has created the report schedule, the Web TimeSheet administrator needs to create a report using the Add Report feature under Reports Setup. The report should be based on the Report Schedule template under the Administration category. Running this report will display the owner of various report schedules. Once the owner of a report schedule is known, the Web TimeSheet administrator can login as that user and remove the name of the other user who does not wish to receive the scheduled report.

This report has a limitation in that it only has the Owner filter and does not have a filter that allows the user to filter the report on the basis of report name.

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