Important considerations while transferring User Data to QuickBooks as Employee Data.

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You can transfer Web TimeSheet Users to QuickBooks, where they can be stored as Employees.

Before transferring Users, ensure the following items are in place:

  • Ensure all employee names are spelled correctly. If you attempt to update information for an employee and the First Name and/or Last Name fields in Web TimeSheet and QuickBooks do not match exactly, the Integration Manager may create a new record using the new spelling, instead of updating the existing record.
  • An Hourly Cost payroll item must exist in QuickBooks, if you will be using QuickBooks to create paychecks for the employees. The Hourly Cost item will track the employee’s rate of pay.

Adding an Hourly Cost Payroll Item to QuickBooks:

  • To prepare QuickBooks for the transfer, you will need to add a payroll item named Hourly Cost, if you will be using the employee data to create paychecks:
  • Within QuickBooks, click on Employees from the main menu, and choose Payroll Item List.
  • Click the Payroll Item button at the bottom of the screen, and select New.
  • In the Add new payroll item window, follow the process to set up a new payroll item, and name the item Hourly Cost.
  • Complete the steps and select Finish.

Important Considerations:

  • If Employee ID is mapped to SS No.\SIN, the Employee ID must be a valid Social Security or Social Insurance number, or the transfer will fail.
  • In order to be transferred as an Employee, the user cannot already exist as a Vendor.
  • After transferring Users to QuickBooks, the fields Hire Date, Release Date, and SS No.\SIN can only be updated directly in QuickBooks.

Transferring Users:

  • Select the General tab and select the direction of data transfer, Web TimeSheet > QuickBooks.
  • Enable the Employees check box.
  • If you have made changes in either QuickBooks or Web TimeSheet since launching the Integration Manager, click the Reset button to ensure the data being transferred is the most current.
  • Select the criteria to use to filter the users and click Apply Filters.
  • The filtered users that are available for transfer will be displayed in the From Web TimeSheet Users list box.
  • Select the users you wish to transfer to QuickBooks and select the >> button to move them to the To QuickBooks Employees list box.
  • If you want to use time and time off entries to generate employee paychecks in QuickBooks for these users, select the Use time data to create paychecks check box.
  • Select the Field Mapping tab and create the field mappings you wish to use. If you want to create paychecks for the employees, ensure that the following fields are mapped, at a minimum:

    • Map the Hourly Cost field in Web TimeSheet to the Hourly Cost field in QuickBooks.
  • Select the Transfer button.

User data can also be transferred to QuickBooks as vendor data. You might choose to transfer a user as a vendor if they are a contractor who is paid outside of the regular payroll process, or an employee who is submitting expenses. Please note that a user cannot be both an employee and a vendor in QuickBooks.

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