How can I view the users’ start month in a report?

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Web TimeSheet has the User Profile report under Administration Reports which will show the user's start and end date (if any date is set). This report can only be run by users with access rights to run administrative reports. This report can be configured to display the user's start month by adding a custom column.

If this report is not visible under Administration Reports, then the report can be added by following the steps listed below:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator or with administrative privileges.
  • Click on Reports and choose Add Report
  • Under Template to Base Report On set Category to Administration, Report Type to Text and choose the Template as User Profile
  • Under Basic Information, provide a Report Name and choose the folder under which the report should be stored preferably under Administration Reports.
  • Under Report Access Level, decide if the report should be Public or Private.
  • Scroll Down and click on Save.

Once the report is launched, click the Settings button and ensure that the following fields are selected:

Under the General Category:User Name and User E-mail (if required)
Under Custom Columns:
The name of the custom column that you have created to display the user's start month.

Please find below the steps to create the custom column:

Click the Add button and provide a name for the column (ex: User's start month). Enter the below custom formula and click Save.

If (Month(UserStartDate)=1,"January", If(Month(UserStartDate)=2,"February",If(Month(UserStartDate)=3,"March",if(Month(UserStartDate)=4,"April", If(Month(UserStartDate)=5,"May", If(Month(UserStartDate)=6,"June", If (Month(UserStartDate)=7,"July",If (Month(UserStartDate)=8,"August", If (Month(UserStartDate)=9,"September", If (Month(UserStartDate)=10,"October", If (Month(UserStartDate)=11,"November", "December")))))))))))

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