Why am I unable to see correct “Time Off Taken” data in ‘Time Off Balance’ report?

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Time Off Balance report uses As of Date filter. If you run the report with default settings, then this filter's value is set to Today. The 'As of Date' filter gets data from the last reset date set in the Time Off Policy in the user profile.

In situations, where there is a Reset date in the middle of the year and Time Off Balance report is run with the default filter settings, Time Off Taken value is calculated from the last reset date. If this reset date occurred recently, one may think that the Time Off Taken data is displayed incorrectly.

In the above scenario, If the data is to be seen for the whole year, then select a date before the reset date in the As of Date filter.



  • Reset date is on October 1st.
  • Time off taken were only before October 1st.
  • Report is run on November 1st with the 'As of Date' filter set to Today. Time off Taken displayed will be 0 hours/days, because after the last reset (October 1st), no time offs were taken until Today (November 1st).
  • To see the Time Off Taken values before the reset occurred, change the As of Date filter to 30th September and run the report.


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