Scheduling Automatic Updates in Web TimeSheet Integration Manager for Microsoft Project Server

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The Integration Manager can be configured to automatically transfer data. Automatic transfers can be scheduled for either, a one time transfer or regular transfers. You can also schedule multiple automatic transfers, each with its own configuration file and schedule.


To schedule an automatic update:

  • Enter the data transfer settings you want to use.
  • Save the settings to a configuration file. (Note: The data transfer settings you have selected can be saved to a file which can be loaded into the Integration. A configuration file can also be specified as the default and automatically loaded when the Integration Manager starts.)
  • Select the Automatic Update tab.
  • Check the Enable Automatic Updates check box.
  • Select New Action to create a new automatic update action. (Note: You can create multiple actions. This allows you to update different projects at different times.)
  • Enter a Name for the action.
  • Check the Enabled check box. Only enabled update actions are carried out.
  • Use the Browse…  functionality to select the configuration file saved in step 2. (Note: You can preview the settings contained in the configuration file by selecting the Preview button)
  • From the Update Time drop-down list, select the time of day when the update should occur. (Note:You can schedule multiple update actions to occur at the same time. The order of updates in the Schedule Actions list box determines the order in which the updates occur. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the order of the actions in the list box.)
  • Specify whether the update should occur once or on multiple occasions:
  • To schedule an update to occur just once:

    • Select the Update once on option.
    • Select the date when you want the update to occur.
  • To schedule the update to occur on a regular basis:

    • Select the Update regularly starting on option.
    • Select the date when you want the first update to occur.
    • Specify the interval at which the update will occur:

      • For an interval measured in days, select the Every … day(s) option and enter the desired update interval in days.
      • For an interval measured in weeks, select the Every … week(s) on option and enter the desired update interval in weeks. Then, select one or more days on which the update will occur during each specified update week.
  • Select Save Action. The action will display in the Scheduled Actions list box, and the updates will begin on the date you specified.

Scheduled updates will occur even if the Integration Manager is not running at the time of the transfer. You may open and close the Integration Manager while automatic updates are occurring without impacting the update.

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