If you restore the Project Server database on the Project server, you may be prevented from connecting to Project Server via the Integration Manager and receive the following error message: "The Microsoft Project server needs to be configured and connected. Please go to the Configuration tab and enter the server information, your username, password and click the connect button."


  • If this issue arises, to establish a connection, you should:
  • Reinstall the RPDS Extensions on the Project server. Installing the RPDS Extensions creates tables and views in the database that are required to connect the Integration Manager and the Project server. (For more information on installing RPDS extensions contact Microsoft)
  • If you have created a dedicated username and password in your database for use in connecting to Web TimeSheet, ensure that:

    • That username and password are assigned to the project database.
    • That user has been assigned db_owner permission (if you are using a SQL database).
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