User defined field drop-down values for different days of the same timesheet period can be changed in an In-Out timesheet, using the following steps and to demonstrate these steps, lets assume that the user define field on the timesheet is 'Location' and users entering time against projects / tasks / activities work in different locations everyday.

Everyday when a user logs into Web TimeSheet, the present days timesheet populates with the last saved location value e.g. New York. Today the user works in Ohio and changing the location value to Ohio on the same row will affect the previous day's location value too i.e., changes the previous day's location from 'New York' to 'Ohio', for the entire timesheet period, be it a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a semi-monthly timesheet period. To avoid having the previous day's location overwritten, follow the steps mentioned below,

  • Click on the '+' sign, which is to the left of the In-time slot. A second row is generated with In-time, Out-time, Project or Activity selection fields and a blank Location field.
  • The first row can be either left as it is or could be removed from the timesheet in view by clicking on the 'x' (Red) symbol, which is to the left of the In-time slot of the first row.
  • The hours worked, Project or Activity selection and the new Location can be selected in this new row and saved.
  • Click the 'View Period' button at the bottom to review the time entered everyday, the various projects or activities worked in different locations, for the entire timesheet period.


Please refer the attached screenshots:


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