Is there a way to archive unused reports within the Web TimeSheet, and not delete them?

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Any version of Web TimeSheet prior to 8.24 does not have an option to Archive any unused reports or data. If there are any unused reports that need not be accessed by users, then they can be disabled from the system. Specific or all reports can be disabled for all Web TimeSheet user's or specific user through the permissions.

Steps to disable a report through the permissions:

  • Log in to Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  • Click on the Administration tab from the top menu.
  • Click on Permissions under Users/Departments in the side menu.
  • Click on the Edit button beside the specific permission, for which the report should be disabled.
  • Click on the Reports tab? in the top menu.
  • Expand the reports by clicking on the '+' sign beside the reports.
  • Uncheck the box beside the specific report.
  • Click on Save.

Disabling a report in a permission would affect all the users who have been assigned that permission.

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