Why am I still able to enter time against Client and Project though I have disabled the permission to do so?

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The permissions assigned to the user allows time entries only against a Project. However, the user is still able to pick Project and Client and enter time.

This can happen only if a time entry was already made in past/present timesheet against Project and client, when the user had the permission to enter time without selecting a Project and Client. That being the case if the user deletes this line and tries to immediately add Project by clicking the Add/Remove Tasks button for the 'same timesheet period' the user would continue to see choices to add time for Project and client.


  • Delete the line for Project and client on the timesheet period in question.
  • Click on "Save" button on the timesheet. After saving the timesheet the new permission to user takes effect. Then when the user clicks on the Add/Remove task button Project and Client will not be an option available to be selected.

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