The Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program (often referred to as simply SR&ED or SRED) provides tax incentives (in the form of tax credits and/or refund) to Canadian businesses to support applied research and experimental development conducted in Canada.
Here are the salient points about SR&ED:

  • Government tax credit for companies that participate in research and development of innovative products
  • It is not a government subsidy, rather your corporation has the right to claim the refund if you qualify
  • For any industry whether it be manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, bio-tech, software development, or high-tech
  • Companies must qualify under all 3 categories, there must be:

    • Technological Advancement
    • Technological Uncertainty
    • Scientific process and Documentation
  • Canada offers one of the greatest R&D tax incentive programs in the world to further accelerate the countries development of innovative solutions. As a private or public Canadian corporation you are entitled to a cash credit on labor and expenses incurred on R&D, given you meet basic criteria. All of Replicon’s products adhere to the SR&ED contract.

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