How to change the Task order within the project structure?

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A project Test project with the following 'Project Structure' exists with the following details,

  • Test project
  • Task 1
  • Task 2

    • Sub Task 2

Please refer to the attached screenshot:


If Task 2 and Sub task 2 hierarchy needs to be moved under Task 1 so that Task 2 is now a sub-task of Task 1 one can use the Green Curved Arrow beside the Task name in the Edit Project Structure page to do so.

The end result should look like,

  • Test Project
  • Task 1

    • Task 2

      • SubTask2

Please refer to the attached screenshot:


Click the green curved arrow beside Task 2, in the following page select the Parent as Task 1 and click ok.
Please refer to the attached screenshot:

A Task in the project structure can be moved to any level (task level) without affecting the users time entries on the timesheet.
Tasks can be made subtasks or subtasks can be made as tasks. However, one cannot move the tasks or subtasks to the project level.


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