Why am I receiving email notifications meant for another user?

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When setting up a substitute user for an employee, you have the option to forward all the users e-mail notifications to the substitute user. If you are receiving notifications that are not addressed or intended to you, verify if you are set up as a substitute user for another user.

To check whether you are substitute user for another user, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Log in as an Administrator or with administrative privileges to Web TimeSheet.
  • Click on Reports. Under Administrative Reports click on Substitute Users report
  • Set the User filter to All and Substitution Date Range to Active Only. This report will show you all the users who are substitute users. Identify whether you are listed as the substitute user for the intended recipient whose e-mails you are receiving.

If this is the case, please follow the steps given below:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
  • Click on System under Administration and click on Users in the side menu. The List Users page appears.
  • Locate the user whose e-mails are being forwarded to you and double click on the User Name. Click on the Advanced tab and go down to Substitute Users
  • Click on the Edit button and ensure that your name listed as a substitute user does not have check mark against Forward Notifications section. The Forward Notifications column has Time, Approval, Expense and All as options to be selected. Ensure that all the options are unchecked. This will ensure that the email notifications meant for the original recipient are not forwarded to you.
  • Click on Done and then Save the profile.

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