• Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator.
  • Click Administration at the top menu.
  • Select Time Off Types from the left pane, under the Time Off Setup category. The List Time Off Types page appears.
  • Click Add at the bottom to add a new time off type to Web TimeSheet, which are as follows,
  • Name: Comp Time
  • Pay Code: Time Off 
  • Type : Time Off
  • Track Time as: Track As Time Remaining
  • Check off Enabled
  • Check off Display On Calendar
  • Check off Booking Required
  • Policy Type: No policies

Enable this new time off type under the users' profiles, for the users to avail it (Refer to solution: How to assign new Time off types to existing users in Web TimeSheet?).

How to earn or take comp time? 

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as a user.
  • Click the Time Off icon at the top menu. The Time Off Calendar page appears.
  • Select or drag through the days on the calendar that need to be earned / taken.
  • Choose the Comp Time time off type from the drop-down list, located to the right of the calendar.
  • Click Book Time Off. The Time Off Booking page appears.
  • Click the drop-down box next to the Start Date and select Partial Day Off.
  • Fill the Hours field with a negative value to earn comp time or fill in a positive value to take comp time. For example, if the user earns 8 hours as comp time, the Hours field is filled with a value: -8 which is a negative value and if the user need to take 4 hours from the earned hours, the Hours field is filled with a value: 4 which is positive value.

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