The TimeOff icon is missing even though the ‘Time & Attendance’ seat is assigned to the user.

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A user may not be able to see the TimeOff calendar icon in Web TimeSheet though the user is enabled with Time & Attendance license seat.

When ‘Submit time off bookings' sub -permission is not enabled under the Users permission, the ‘Time Off’ Calendar icon will not appear on the top menu, despite the user having a ‘Time and Attendance’ seat assigned in his profile. 


  • To enable Submit time off bookings in the user's permission,
  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  • Identify those users who are affected with this issue, check the Permissions assigned to them by editing their profile.
  • Click on the Administration icon at the top.
  • On the left side menu, under Users/Departments section, click on Permissions.
  • Edit the necessary permission type by clicking on the Edit icon beside the Permission.
  • Under the System tab, expand Time Off and enable Submit time off bookings.
  • Click Save? and then Log off and Log back into Web TimeSheet.

The user will not be able to book time off without having this sub-permission enabled under his Assigned Permission.

Please refer the attached screenshot:



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