How to download a expense receipt uploaded by a user to the local system?

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If a receipt has been uploaded by a user and you want to keep a record of it on your local system, the following Pre-requisites should be met,

  • An appropriate browser plug-in to view the attachment.
  • Need access to the expense sheet as an approver or an administrator.

If these conditions have been met, you can follow the below steps to download the receipt to your local computer,

To view the expense sheet as an administrator:

  • Click on 'Administration' icon on the top menu.
  • Click on Historical Expenses under the Shortcuts category.

To view the expense sheet as a approver:

  • Click on the Approvals icon on the top menu.
  • Click on Expenses on the left hand menu under the History category for previous expense sheets or click on Expenses under the Waiting category for expense sheets that are awaiting your approval.
  • View the Expense sheet that has the receipt you want to download.
  • In the Expense Receipts column, click on View.
  • If it is an image file, right click on the image and choose Save Image as. In case it is a PDF click on the Save button within the PDF Viewer to save the PDF file to your local disk.

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