What are the features of ‘Contract plan’ when I am purchasing that from Replicon

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Web TimeSheet has two hosting plan options: Contract or Month-To-Month. When you purchase a Contract plan, you enter into a contract with Replicon for the number of months you select. Contract plans have discounts on the total cost, as compared to the a Month-To-Month plan with the same term and licensing.

Licensing: You select the products you would like to purchase, and the number of seats you would like to purchase for each product. If you would like to exclude one or two products entirely, enter 0 for their number of users. You can't remove a license during the contract term, however, you can add licenses.

Plan Term: You select the number of months of the contract term. Once you've signed up for a contract, you can view your plan's expiry date on the Manage Account page.

Plan Cost: Once you've selected your licensing and term, the plan cost will display, along with your contract discounts.

Your contract discount: It is the amount you save by using a Contract plan instead of a Month-To-Month plan for the selected term and license seats. It is calculated per seat, and the discount rate increases as term length increases.

Payment Methods: When you purchase the plan, you will be sent an invoice via e-mail for the cost of the entire plan, which is due upon receipt.

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