How do I modify the configuration of resources used across multiple projects in Microsoft Project?

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Steps to modify the configuration of common resources used across projects in the Resource Pool Configuration section:

  • Select the Local resource data file by using the Browse button. The resource data file is a Microsoft Project (.MPP) resource pool file that contains information on common resources shared across projects. This file must be accessible from the computer you are using to perform updates. 
  • Select the resource name format the Integration Manager should use to match each user in the resource file to the corresponding user in Web TimeSheet.
    The format options are:
    FirstName LastName (default)..Jane Smith
    LastName FirstName………………Smith Jane
    Login Name……………………………..jsmith
  • You may set up custom fields in Microsoft Project for the Integration Manager to use when transferring new users’ log in names and passwords. Specify the custom fields using these fields:
    Select a custom field for log in name
    Select a custom field for password
    If you do not set up the custom fields, the Integration Manager will use the following defaults:
    login name – FirstName LastName
    password – password
  • If you wish to update the resource pool, select the Update Now button in the Resource Pool Configuration section. The update will begin immediately.

If a resource or user has previously been transferred and is transferred again with a different Resource Name Mapping selected, the resource/user will be duplicated in the target application using the new name mapping


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