Exporting of all data in Web TimeSheet using Microsoft Project Integration Manager can be done by enabling the permission entry Override permissions to allow exporting of all data in Web TimeSheet. This allows the user to export any data from Web TimeSheet to Microsoft Project regardless of his other permissions.
Example: If a user Sally has the ability to edit only her own projects in Web TimeSheet, enabling this action will allow her to export data for all projects in the system via the Microsoft Project integration manager.

Follow the steps to enable the permission:

  • Login to Web TimeSheet as an administrator.
  • Click on permissions under Users/Departments.
  • Edit the permission assigned to the user.
  • Expand Integrations tab and select "Override permissions to allow exporting of all data in Web TimeSheet" under Integration Manager for Microsoft Project.


  • The override permission is only to allow exporting of data to Microsoft Project using Integration Manager.
  • This requires Project & Billing Edition license. 
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