Timesheet can be generated by any of the following methods:

  • By clicking on the timesheet icon in the top menu.
  • Clicking on a date on the calendar in the side menu, displayed after clicking on the timesheet icon in the top menu.
  • A substitute user can log into a users profile and the timesheet generates automatically or he can click on the timesheet calendar (as explained in step.2).
  • Using the import utility or the CSV import option under Integrations.  You will have to use the TIMESHEETADD command to generate timesheet for users.
  • Ideally timesheets start generating automatically after the user is created and he has logged in for the first time. 

It should be noted that when a new user is added his timesheets will not start generating until he logs in for the first time.
One log-in is required to trigger the creation of first timesheet and then future timesheets will generate regularly as per the users timesheet period.

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