How to add a New Raw Data Export in Web TimeSheet?

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To add a new export (Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.Select Integrations from the top menu):

  • Select Add Export from the side menu.
  • Enter a name and description for the report in the Basic Information section.
  • In the Folder list, choose the folder in which you want the export to be saved.
  • In the Availability section, choose whether to save the report as a Public Export or a Private Export.
  • If you selected Public Export in the previous step, enable the check box next to each permission profile you wish to make the export accessible to. To make the export available within all of the permission profiles, Click Select All.
  • In the Template to Base Export On section, select a template to start from. [Tip: The template dictates which fields and other configuration options are available for inclusion in the export. To see the options available, select a template from the list and the configurable items will display at the bottom of the page. If you make any changes within the template's displayed tabs, those changes will be lost if you choose a different template from the list.]
  • Edit the settings within the displayed tabs to configure what data is included in the report and how it is displayed.[Note:- Some of the settings fields may not be available, depending on the export you are running.] On the:
  • Fields tab, select the fields to include in the report by enabling the appropriate check boxes.
  • Grouping tab:
  • Choose how to group the data.
  • If the Summary Options section is provided, select how you would like to summarize applicable columns. (If the Summary Options section is not provided, none of the selected fields are appropriate for a mathematical summary.) 
  • Column Order tab, choose the order in which columns are displayed and how the columns will be sorted.
  • Format tab, specify how numbers will be formatted in the export.
  • Filters tab and enable the check box next to each filter you wish to have available within the report control bar. Filters are used to control what data is included in the export. To preview what a filter will look like, select the search glass icon next to the filter name. A preview will be displayed to the right of the list of available filters.
  • Select Save. The new export will be created in the selected folder. Once the export is created, you can manually run the export. If you wish to make changes to the report, you can edit it.

How do public and private exports differ? 

  • Private exports are only available to the user who created them, while public exports are available to all users who have the export enabled in their permissions (see the next step).
  • The Private Export option is only shown if Add/Delete Private Reports is included in your permissions. You can only specify whether an export is public or private when first creating the export. You cannot change this setting after the export is created unless you save the report under a new name.



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