Why is ‘Roles/Rates’ option not available under ‘Projects Setup’?

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A Project Leader or a Web TimeSheet administrator might edit project to make changes within the Project. This article talks about the reasons why the Project Leader/administrator who is editing the project is unable to see Role/Rates in the Project.

There are 2 reasons why Roles/Rates option is not available under Projects Setup:

  • Use billing information feature under Usage section in the System Preferences is not enabled. In this case, Roles/Rates option under Projects Setup will not be available for all the users.
  • View option for Roles under Projects settings is not enabled in the user’s Permissions. In this case, Roles/Rates option will not be available only for the users who are associated with that specific Permissions.


Steps to enable Use billing information:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  • Click on Administration tab from the top menu.
  • Under System click System Preferences from the side menu.
  • Scroll down to the Usage segment and enable Use billing information feature.
  • Click on Save.

Steps to enable View option for Roles under Permissions:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  • Select Administration from the top menu, and then select permissions under Users/Departments in the side menu.
  • Click the Edit button beside the permission, assigned to the user.
  • Expand Projects. Select View option for Roles.
  • Click Save. Log off and Log back on to Web TimeSheet for the changes to take effect.


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