When you try checking Calendar tab in Edit Project screen and try to scroll to the right side to have a look at the end of the calendar, a blank screen is displayed in Google Chrome. Log into Web Resource and click on Projects, List Projects the list of projects will be displayed. Click on the Edit icon to go to Edit Project screen. Click on the Calendar tab on this screen to see the Task Tree Calendar If you are using Google Chrome browser, then you will see that the scroll bar on the bottom is very big. If you try scrolling to the right, you would see a blank screen.

This happens because Google Chrome is unable to render the information on the calendar correctly. This issue is more clearly visible when there is too much data on the Edit Project calendar.

It is recommended to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers which can handle Task Tree Calendar better.

Versions of Google chrome with the issue:
5.0.375.125, 6.0.472.62.

Version of Web Resource effected:
2.10 version

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