The timesheet generated against a project for individual project team members, will pick the rate type (Project Rate & User Rate) that is assigned to the respective team member at the time of the project creation and sets this rate type as the default rate type for the entire life cycle of the project. Any changes to the rate type for an individual team member, after the initial timesheet got generated, does not change the rate type on all the timesheets historically. Hence all the timesheets that were approved and waiting for approval need to be reopened and submitted again for the new rate type (Project Role Rate) to take effect.

Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator.
  • Click on the Projects icon at the top menu bar.
  • Pick the project for which the new rate type need to take effect.
  • Click the Edit button next to the relevant project or double-click on the project name.
  • Verify if the roles are added to the Billing Rates section, if this is true, verify if the project team members show all their respective role rate in the Project Team section.
  • If necessary, add new role rates to the Billing Rates section of the project and assign the roles to the relevant team member by clicking the book icon next to the user name in the Project Team section.
  • Reopen all Approved timesheets and Waiting timesheets from Historical Timesheets, under Administration.
  • All the reopen timesheets should have the right right role selected in the Billing column of the timesheet. Note that if a particular team member in the project is assigned to only one role then the team member will not see the role name in the Billing column instead would see Billable, so ensure the Billable option is chosen.
  • Submit all the reopen timesheets.
  • Run the Timesheet Billing report again and the Rate Type column will now show the rate type as Project Role Rate and the right billing rate instead of User Rate or Project Rate.
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