How to set-up ‘Resource cost per hour’ specific to a ‘Task’ in Web Resource?

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Web Resource provides an option for project managers to customize the "Cost per Hour" for the resource at the Task level. The cost per hour will default to the resource cost per hour, as specified in the resource profile. However, the cost can be modified for each task assignment within the project itself.
To set-up Resource cost per hour:

  • Log in as administrator and click on Projects in the top menu.
  • Double click on the project name to edit the project, the Edit Project screen is displayed.
  • Click on the Task Assignments tab.
  • Select the task for which you would like to set the Resource cost per hour rate of one of the resource.
  • In the Resource Information section click on the Edit button.
  • Specify the Cost/Hour value in the box provided for the same. 
  • Click on the Save button located on the bottom of the page.
  • Similarly you may specify a different Cost/Hour for another task in the project structure.
  • The Total Cost value in Statistics section gets dynamically updated when we update the Cost/Hour information for different tasks.

Organizations can specify the associated cost per hour of a resource for each project or task. The total cost amount forecasted for the project will reflect these specific rates and give organizations a more accurate estimate of their costs on each project. The option is available for resources, but not for placeholders. Placeholders will continue to have only a system-wide default cost per hour.

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