How to assign a user to a Project?

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To ensure that a user can enter time against an existing project, please follow the steps listed below:
(Unless a user is assigned to a Project as a Project Team Member, the user will not be eligible to enter time against that Project)

  • Log in as the administrator or with a user account that has the permissions to edit an existing Project and assign new team members.
  • Click on Projects in the top menu, in the project list identify the Project to which the users needs to be added. The Project can be searched, by typing a part or the full Project Name in the Search window. If the Project name is not known, you can do an advanced search by clicking on '^' button found next to the Search box. This will allow you to search for the Project using other information like, Client Name, Project Leader etc.
  • Double click on the Project that needs to be edited.
  • At the left hand bottom, click on the edit button next to Project Team.
  • In the resultant window, identify the user that needs to be added and click on the '>>' button to move the user from the Available Project Team Members list to the Project Team Members list. Click on Save.
  • If this user needs to be enter time to only specific tasks, you can click on the respective tasks under Project Structure.
  • Under the Assignments segment, ensure that the user is listed in the 'Allowed' window. In case the user is not required to enter time for a particular task, move the user to the Denied window. A user can be moved to Allowed or Deny by merely clicking on the user name and pressing either the Allow or Deny button.
  • Click on Save.
  • While exiting the Project screen for the concerned project, click on Save.

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