The task column on the timesheet has a None selection so users can just select the project name and record time against the project without the need to selecting a task. All the hours are recorded on the timesheet is recorded against the root project name rather than against the individual tasks and sub-tasks. In-order to prevent users from recording time against the root project name, uncheck the Time Entry Allowed. Refer the attached screenshots for illustration.


  • Log into Web TimeSheet as the administrator or as the project manager.
  • Click on the Projects tab in the top menu.
  • Click the Edit button beside the project name or double-click on the project name for which time entry should be restricted in the project level.
  • Under the Project Structure section, click on the hyperlink of the root project name. The Edit Project window appears.
  • Uncheck the check box beside the Time Entry Allowed option.
  • Click Save at the bottom. The Edit Project window disappears.
  • Click Save at the top right corner of the project window.

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