A user has an Approval path setup for booked Time Offs. However, the booked Time Off is not being received by the appropriate approver.

The time off approver type used in the approval path was set to a specific user role and had a different user as the approver.

Changing the specific user to the appropriate approver will fix the issue.

Please follow the steps below to add a Time Off Approver Type with the role as a specific user:

  • As an administrator, click on the administrator tab and then click on Approver Type from Approval setup on the left hand side menu in Web Timesheet.
  • Edit the time off type that requires the change
  • Select the option called Specified User from the drop down list next to the field name – Role.
  • Choose the appropriate User from the drop down next to User.
  • Recheck the appropriate permissions for the user
  • Click on Save button to save the changes made.

If we have added a new approver type with the specific user and if this approver type has to be used in any approval path, do the following:

  • As an Administrator, edit the Approval Path from the approval setup option on the left hand side of the pane after the Administration tab is clicked
  • In the tab Time Off Booking, edit the appropriate Time Off approval path
  • Change the approver type to the new one that is created
  • Save the changes

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