The following conditions apply when transferring data from Web TimeSheet to Web Resource.
When transferring resources:

  • Web TimeSheet login authentication is automatically enabled for transferred resources. To remove this, you must edit the resource information in Web Resource after the transfer.
  • If the user already exists in Web Resource (with users matched by their user name rather than first or last names), all Web TimeSheet fields (first name, last name, e-mail, group assignments, etc.) will overwrite existing data. For example, if a user was transferred from Web TimeSheet and then an additional group was assigned to the user in Web Resource, upon subsequent transfer the added group will be overwritten with the group assignments in Web TimeSheet.
  • Permissions and allocation percentages are set only on the initial transfer and are taken from the settings selected during that first transfer. The values will not be updated during subsequent transfers.
  • If the fields required to create a new resource in Web Resource are not completed in the Web TimeSheet data (for example, no last name), the resource will not be transferred.
  • If the number of resources being transferred exceeds the Web Resource license count, the additional users will be transferred but will be disabled.
  • For group assignments to be transferred from Web TimeSheet, the matching group and categories must exist in Web Resource prior to the transfer.
  • Users that are disabled in Web TimeSheet will be marked with (Disabled) in the Web Resource Available Users list box. If the disabled user does not already exist as a resource in Web Resource, they will not be transferred when selected. If the user already exists as a resource in Web Resource, upon transfer the existing resource will be disabled in Web Resource.

When transferring projects:

  • If the fields required to create a new project in Web Resource are not completed in the Web TimeSheet data (for example, no start or end date) the project will not be transferred. However, in the case of start and end dates, Web Resource provides you the option to assign dates when transferring the project data.
  • All resource assignments in Web TimeSheet, whether at the project or task level, will be assigned to the root of the project when transferred to Web Resource. Resources can then be assigned to specific tasks using the Project Team tab in Web Resource. Any resources assigned to tasks within the project will not be assigned to the root of the project upon subsequent transfers.
  • If the project being transferred already exists in Web Resource, any changes to project settings and tasks will be replaced in their entirety by the values in Web TimeSheet upon subsequent transfer. A notable exception occurs when a resource has been assigned to a specific task in Web Resource. That task assignment will remain intact.
  • Projects are identified in Web Resource and Web TimeSheet by their matching project IDs. As a result, if the project name is edited in either application, the projects will still be matched to each other. If the project name had been edited in Web Resource, the edits will be overwritten with the value in Web TimeSheet.
  • If a task is missing start and end dates in Web TimeSheet, the start and end dates assigned in Web Resource will be that of the parent task in Web TimeSheet.

Accessing Web Resource and Web TimeSheet during integration:

  • When using a Microsoft Access database with Web TimeSheet, plan your schedule so transfer of data occurs during times when Web TimeSheet is not in use. When transferring data using the Web Resource Integration, Microsoft Access installations of Web TimeSheet will not be accessible to users.
  • It is advised that Web Resource is not used during the integration process.
  • Web TimeSheet must be running for the integration tool to connect to it and transfer data to Web Resource.

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