I want certain users to approve, Timesheets only for a small group of employees that they supervise, and Expenses for everyone in the company.

Therefore, two approver types needs to be setup, one approver type must allow them to approve time, while another approver type must allow them to approve expenses. They cannot be assigned both permissions in a single approver type, because they must be prevented from approving time for all users. 

To set up the timesheet approvals:

  • Assign the approver timesheet approval permissions in their permission profile.
  • Ensure the approver is assigned as the 'Supervisor' of all the employees whose timesheets he must approve.
  • Create a 'Supervisor' approver type (or use the default)
  • Create an approval path (call it the 'Time' approval path, for example) that uses the Supervisor approval type.
  • Assign each of the approver's reporting employees Time as their Timesheet Approval Path.

To set up the expense approvals:

  • Create a 'Expense Approver' approver type (or use the default), that has the approver selected as the 'Specified User'.
  • Override the approver's permissions with new expense approval permissions.
  • Create an 'Expense Approver' approval path (or use the default) that uses the Expense Approver approval type.
  • Set 'Expense Approver' in their Expense Approval Path for all employees.
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