While setting up a project, the project team should be setup to define the resources that would be working on the project. However a project may have multiple tasks and sub-tasks which may or may not require the involvement of all the team members. Hence, when creating a task or sub task, the Web TimeSheet application allows you to define the users that should work on a specific task or sub task of the project.
Under the Project structure setup, the Project Leader or Project Manager can decide which user can access which task or sub task.
By default, all the users listed under Project Team will be added to the Allowed list. The system provides an option to have specific team members in either the Allowed list or Denied list. When a team member is in the Denied List for a specific task or sub task, he will not be able to view that specific task or sub task in their list of available tasks on the timesheet. Now lets assume a scenario wherein a user's department is added to the Project Team list. For a specific task, this user alone should not be entering time. So, the user will be added to the Denied list, yet his department is in the Allowed list. In such a scenario, the Web TimeSheet application always overrides the Allowed list permission and this implies that the user will not be able to view or enter time against that particular task/sub task albeit his department is listed in the Allowed list.

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