How to Add or Edit User Defined Fields in Web TimeSheet?

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To add or edit a user defined field:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
  • Select 'Administration' icon at the top.
  • Select one of the following from the side menu:
  • The User Defined field page can be opened from any of the below given sections in the side menu.
  • Users/Departments, Timesheet Setup, Time Off Setup or Expense Setup.

    • (The link you select determines which tab on the UDF page will open by default)
  • In the User Defined Fields page select the tab for which you would like to set up the UDF.
  • To edit a field, click the 'Edit' button beside the field, or click on its name.
  • To create a new user defined field, select a field labeled <Unused>.
  • Complete the fields that display the following:
  • Type: Select the field type, which determines the field's data format
  • Note: When you select a field type, the page will refresh to display options specific to that type.]
  • Required: Users must complete required fields before they can save the page on which the fields appear
  • Enabled: If a field is enabled that means it is available to users.
  • When done click on Save

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