If multiple permission profiles with different Timesheet format options are assigned to a user, the Locked In-Out format takes precedence over other timesheet formats.
Example: if the user is assigned an In-Out timesheet in one permission profile, and a Locked In-Out timesheets in another profile, the user would see the timesheet in Locked In-Out format only.

If a user is assigned Standard and In-Out formats only, they can select which format they prefer to use, via their user preferences.

To change the TimeSheet format the user can follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to Web TimeSheet
  • Click on the settings link situated at the top right corner of Web TimeSheet page.
  • In the Edit User Preferences screen , select the timesheet format you want to use.

This field is only available if you have both the Standard and In-Out formats available to you.

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