Do Project Notes have a timestamp associated with them?

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Notes can be added to any project in Web Timesheet and they can be reviewed by projects or by user. Project leaders may want to view notes by project to determine how their projects are progressing. Users may want to review their own notes and post updates.

To add a project note:

  • Open the Add A New Project Note page.
  • Select Projects from the top menu.
  • Select ?Add Project Notes? under Project Notes in the side menu.
  • Select the project from the drop-down box for which you are adding the note.
  • Enter the subject of the note. The subject is a brief description of the information contained in the note.
  • Now add the note text. Note text can be as brief or descriptive as necessary.
  • Select Save.

Additional Information:
After project notes are added to Web Timesheet , the time when the note was submitted to the system is not displayed. This is the same irrespective of whether the notes are reviewed by projects or users. In the event of deletion of the project note, the time stamp on when it was created (server time) is displayed.

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