All the TimeOff policies in Web Timesheet are defined in hour(s), but, E-mail Notifications show total number of days requested instead of Hours.

The timeoff e-mail notification has an option for 2 different tags Total number of days requested: $TIMEOFFDAYSREQUESTED and Total number of hours requested: $TIMEOFFHOURSREQUESTED. The notification e-mail would have had Total number of days requested: $TIMEOFFDAYSREQUESTED tag enabled.


  • Login to Web TimeSheet as an Administrator.
  • Click on the Administration icon in the top menu.
  • Click on E-mail Notifications under Communications in the left side menu.
  • In the E-mail Notifications page, click on the TimeOff E-mail Notifications.
  • In the Edit Notification Template page, within the Body of the template, remove the Total number of days requested: $TIMEOFFDAYSREQUESTED tag and add Total number of hours requested: $TIMEOFFHOURSREQUESTED
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