Text Reports:
Text reports provide report data in a table format, as shown below.


List reports are a sub-category of text reports. List reports can be used to print timesheets or expense sheets in their original form, which is useful for filing or archiving. These Text reports can be exported into Excel format with all the header information.

Graphical Reports:
Graphical reports display the data in bar chart format, as shown in the following example. For more information about a bar, hold your mouse pointer over the bar.



Web TimeSheet graphical reports are interactive dynamic reports that require the use of support files that reside on the Web TimeSheet server and hence unlike text reports, graphical reports can not be sent in a PDF or EXCEL format.

To view graphical reports, Adobe® Flash® Player must be installed. Download Flash Player from www.adobe.com.
All currencies on graphical reports are given in the system's base currency.

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