Default permission set on
User profile should have access to view ‘Edit User Preferences’ screen by
clicking on ‘Settings’ on the top right hand corner of Web TimeSheet screen.  We may have to check if required permissions
are enabled for User access.  Follow the steps
below to fix the issue

–  Login to Web Timesheet with Administrator privileges.

–  Identify the permission assigned on user’s

   (The permission assigned to user can
be found in the ‘advanced’ tab in

   ‘Edit Users’ screen – e.g..,

–  Click on ‘Administration’ icon seen in the ‘System’
section at the top.

–  Click ‘Permissions’ under ‘User/Departments’ in the
left pane of the screen.

–  Select ‘Timesheet’ – expand ‘Administration’ and then

–  Check/Uncheck – Preferences, Change
internal e-mail address, Change external e-mail address, 

   Change password, and
Substitute user.

–  Click ‘Save’ to apply


Note: The permissions can further be restricted as
per company requirement.  User should log
out and login to Web Timesheet for the changes to take effect.  

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