All the Web TimeSheet users in the organization use In-Out timesheet format. All the users are expected to work for 8 hours and are allowed to take a lunch break for an hour at any time of their choice. According to the policy of the company, no two users are allowed to go on a break at the same time. The company has only Web TimeSheet Time & Attendance seat assignment. The Web TimeSheet administrator is interested to know how many users are on lunch break at the same time and would like to use the time off calendar for the same.

To use the time off calendar for the purpose described above, the Web TimeSheet administrator has to:

  • Create a time off type by name Lunch and enable the option Booking Required.
  • Enable this time off type for all the users.
  • In the Time Off section in the System Preferences window, set Minimum amount of time off required in bookings to <None> and enable the option Require start/end times for partial day bookings.
  • Click Save.

Once this is done, the users will be able to book time off against the time off type Lunch and all the time off information will be displayed in the time off calendar. By hovering the mouse over time off bookings, the Web TimeSheet administrator will be able to check if there are any overlapping time off bookings.

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