Why doesn’t a user see a User Defined Field on the timesheet?

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User Defined fields for timesheets are permission driven. If the permission assigned to the user does not grant the user access to the User Defined field then the user will not have access to the same. In order to enable it for the user, edit the permission assigned to him and enable the User Defined Field. 

Follow the steps listed below to edit a permission to enable a User Defined Field (UDF):

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative privileges.
  • Click on 'Administration' tab from the top menu.
  • Select 'Permission' under 'Users/Departments’ section in the side menu.
  • The 'List Permissions' page appears.
  • Click the 'Edit' button next to permission assigned to the user.
  • The 'Edit Permissions' page appears.
  • Click the (+) sign next to Timesheet.
  • Enable the required User Defined Field.
  • Click on Save.

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