Why are the ‘Timesheet Overdue’ e-mail notifications sent to user who do have timesheet access in the application?

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In an organization, where most Web TimeSheet users use Timesheet, there are a few Timeoff only users. These users do not have access to the timesheet. 
However, the timeoff users get Timesheet Overdue notification emails.

This is usually noticed if the timeoff users had a timesheet permission historically albeit for a short span. Although the users may never have entered time, the system would have generated the respective timesheets for that period. After the Timesheet permission was removed for those users, the Timesheet remained associated to their profile and hence the overdue mail notifications. This can be verified by an administrator through the Historical TimeSheet page.               

To delete the unused open timesheets, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in as administrator
  • Click on the Administration tab and then on the Historical Timesheets.
  • Choose the appropriate user in the filter and choose Approval Status as Not Submitted and click on Apply.
  • On the unused timesheet that gets displayed, click on the red 'x' symbol and confirm the deletion.

This will ensure that the system no longer erroneously sends out Timesheet is overdue e-mail notifications.

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