E-mail notifications is a feature in Web TimeSheet which informs the user about due/overdue activities on the application.  The email notifications can be setup as per company’s requirement.  Timesheet is overdue email notification is sent only when the Timesheet is not submitted on time. 

Another employee would have been setup with same email address which is already approved by System.
A test instance of Web TimeSheet has been set up with a copy of the production database.

To check if there is another user setup with the same email address, follow the steps given below:

  • Login with administrator privileges.
  • Click on Historical Timesheets.
  • Set Basic User filter to All.
  • Select the timesheet period for which email was sent.
  • Set the Department filter to All.
  • Set the Approval Status filter to Not Submitted.
  • Click Apply.
  • Identify the users who have not submitted the timesheet.
  • Identify the user’s email address set on their account in Edit User screen.
  • Change the email address on the user account.
  • Click Save to apply changes on the application.


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