Is it possible to transfer both the task name and code into QuickBooks?

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By default QuickBooks can only capture the Task name and not the code. The QuickBooks Integration Manager allows mapping of Task Name or Task Code into Job name. If you select task name mapped to the Job name there will be no mapping field available for the Task code.

You can create a Custom Field for the task code in QuickBooks by following the steps below,

  • Open the Customer Center.
  • Right click on the Job and select Edit Job.
  • Click on Additional Info.
  • Click on Define Fields.
  • Type in the name you want, and select Customer:Job
  • Click on Ok.

After you have created the Custom Field in QuickBooks, start the Integration Manager for QuickBooks, and when you come to the page for mapping the Task name and code, Map the Task name to Job Name and then select the Task Code and now you will have an option to map it to the Custom field in QuickBooks.

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