While exporting time from Web TimeSheet to the ADP Payroll software via the ADP export reports, the users banked time is not available for transfer.
The ADP export considers hours entered on the TimeSheet only if they have a valid pay code associated to them. If there is a time entry with a Pay code as Zero or no pay code, then the time entry will not be considered by the ADP export.
Create a new Time Off type and have the users bank time against that Time Off type as it is required to be created with a valid pay code. Refer the Related Items section in this knowledge base below, to know more about how to create a new time off type in Web TimeSheet.
The users will now have to bank their time manually against this new Time Off type. The overtime rule can not automatically bank the overtime hours to any other Time Off type other than the system created Banked Time type Time Off type. However the system Time off type that is used to bank overtime hours does not have any pay code associated and hence the hours can not be exported to ADP.
The users will now have to manually bank the extra hours by clicking on the Add Time Off button and entering the hours to be banked with a negative sign as shown in the attached screen shot. The negative hours will added to the users balance and the same information can be exported to ADP since, the newly created time off type has a pay code associated to it.

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