What are the default Time Off reports available with Web TimeSheet?

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Reports can be defined as an account details document. The default Time Off reports are as follows:

  • Banked Time Details: Provides information on what time off has been banked by users.
  • Time Off Balance: Provides information on how much time off have users taken and how much is still remaining. The balance from Last Reset and Last Reset Date fields that are available in this report display the time off balance and date (respectively) for each reset and for when each time off policy became effective.
  • Time Off Liability: Provides information on the cost of time off owed to users.
  • Time Off Details:  Provides details of time off taken by users.
  • Time Off Schedule: Provides information on what time off is planned.
  • Time Off Taken: Provides information on how much time off users take within a specific date range.
  • Time Off History: Provides information on what changes have taken place against each users time off balance.
  • User Time Off Settings: Provides information on how time off is set to accrue and reset for each user.
  • Time Off Summary: Provides information on the total amount of time off taken by users, in a graphical format.

Note: Graphical reports are identified by Public_Graphical_Report_Icon.gif icon and the default report categories listed match Web TimeSheet's default report folder names. These names will differ in your implementation if you have changed the folder names.


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